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Free Walking Tour Barranco

Price: Tip only basis

This Free Walking Tour in Barranco is a wonderous adventure that takes place in Lima’s favorite neighborhood.

Food Tour in Barranco Lima

Price: 69 USD

Our Food tour Lima walks you through Lima’s favorite neighborhood, Barranco which is known for its amazing food.

Full Day Tour to Caral from Lima

Price: 170 USD

Come to this amazing full day tour to Caral which is the oldest known civilization in America, developed 6000 years ago.

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Lima tourist attractions

1. Barranco Lima

Barranco is undoubtedly the favorite district of the Limeños despite being the smallest. This district of Lima is known for its bohemian vibe. The streets are painted with beautiful murals made by local artists such as Jade Rivera, Pesimo and Desertor, who currently have more murals painted in Barranco.

In Barranco you can see a great contrast between the upper class and the lower class. In the first 4 blocks that are close to the sea, housing prices are quite high, renting an apartment of 100 m2 can be 3,000 USD per month, while even being in Barranco but outside the first 4 blocks, the same size apartment costs $ 500. Regarding gastronomy, which is so important for Peruvians, Barranco definitely has the best restaurants in the city and for all budgets.

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2. Miraflores 

Miraflores is one of the districts that make up Metropolitan Lima. This district enjoys a privileged location, since it is located in front of the sea (where the locals go down every day to practice surfing) and has a large part of the famous Costa Verde (It is the highway next to the beach).

Miraflores is one of the richest and most beautiful districts of Lima, it is the favorite place to live for the TV stars and therefore it is also one of the most expensive. In Miraflores there are also some of the best hotels and restaurants. Miraflores is undoubtedly a district to enjoy the gastronomy. In this district you can find the Maido restaurant, which is one of the best 50 restaurants in the world and where to enter you need to book 3 months in advance.

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3. Costa Verde

In Lima, the road facing the sea is called La Costa Verde and it is located between Callao and the Chorrillos district. This road was built in 1960, but there were many problems due to rockfalls. Currently, nets have been installed around the hill next to the “Costa Verde” and a strong block has been built next to the road to prevent that when the rocks come off, they end up on some vehicle.

La Costa Verde has turned into one of the most important roads in the city and is the fastest when traveling from Miraflores or Barranco to Lima‘s airport. In addition to the history, the green coast is the ideal place for paragliding lovers. Every you can watch people doing this beautiful sport.

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4. Huaca Pucllana

The Huaca Pucllana is a ceremonial complex built by the Lima culture between 500 and 700 AD, where the Miraflores district is now located. The Huaca Pucllana is made up of many squares at different heights. On the site you can also see pyramid-shaped constructions made mainly of Adobe, which is a small brick made of mud.

These adobes were placed vertically and separated a little from each other, which helped with the earthquakes that always occur in Lima. Like other cultures that developed on the Peruvian coast, the Lima culture was also characterized by the elaboration of ceramics, where marine species such as the shark stand out. Visiting Huaca Pucllana at night is definitely worthy.

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5. Caral

This important archaeological site is located north of Lima. Caral is the oldest known civilization in America and developed simultaneously with Mesopotamia. Caral was discovered in 1997 by the Peruvian archaeologist Ruth Shaty, but this site still hides many secrets. One of the things that most intrigues archaeologists in Caral is that after many years of research, the cemetery has not yet been found, which is undoubtedly quite important to obtain information on the lifestyle of the population of Caral.

It is presumed that the people of Caral decided to cover the pyramids with sand and stone and go out in search of new places, due to the lack of water in the Valle Supe river. This place is undoubtedly located in the first position of the most important tourist attractions in Lima.

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6. Palomino islands 

The Palomino island is part of a group of islands located very close to Callao. On this island you can find a lot of natural marine life, being the sea lions the most representative and here we leave a link of an excellent tour to know this part of Lima and be able to swim with the sea lions.

Some of the islands near Palomino were part of important events in history. El Fronton Island was formerly a prison and in 1984 the Peruvian Navy (by order of someone who until now is not known) shot and killed most of the prisoners. On the other hand, it is assumed that San Lorenzo Island served as a port for Pirates during the Spanish conquest and it is said that treasures are found there. The truth is that these islands are owned by the Peruvian Navy and no one else has access to those areas.

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7. Plaza de armas Lima

The Plaza de Armas de Lima is the most important square in all of Peru because it is located in front of the government palace, where every day at 12 pm the gear change takes place (and many historians assure that the government palace was built on an important temple of the Lima culture).

The main square also served as a place of reference so that in 1535 during the founding of Lima, Francisco Pizarro divided the city, under the orders of King Carlos of Spain. The first thing that catches your attention from the Plaza de Armas, is that the buildings around it have that typical European style with huge brown balconies made of wood. On one side of the Plaza de Armas is also the beautiful Cathedral of Lima that unfortunately is not open to the public.

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8. Lima fountain show 

The magical water circuit is the largest water show in Lima and also the largest in South America. This park is made up of many water fountains that are animated by laser. This park was inaugurated in 2007 and represents the recovery of public spaces in Lima. The location of this park is super important, since it was built in the old La Reserva park, this is because this park was used by reservists during the Pacific War between Peru and Chile.

In addition to the fountains and history, this park has been decorated with beautiful trees that give life to the metropolis. The facilities of the magical water circuit are rented for cultural, social and cooperative events. The entrance to this beautiful tourist attraction in Lima is 4 soles (1.2 USD) and it is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 2 pm to 9 pm.

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