Tours in Lima

Free Walking Tour Barranco

Price: Tip only basis

This Free Walking Tour in Barranco is a wonderous adventure that takes place in Lima’s favorite neighborhood.

Food Tour in Barranco Lima

Price: 69 USD

Our Food tour Lima walks you through Lima’s favorite neighborhood, Barranco which is known for its amazing food.

Full Day Tour to Caral from Lima

Price: 170 USD

Come to this amazing full day tour to Caral which is the oldest known civilization in America, developed 6000 years ago.

Tours in Arequipa

Free Walking Tour Arequipa

Price: Tip only basis

This Free Tour in Arequipa is an entertaining walk that takes place in the most beautiful city of Peru.

Food Tour in Arequipa

Price: 69 USD

Take this amazing guided food walking tour in the most beautiful city of Peru, Arequipa.

Volcano Guided Bike Tour

Price: 75 USD

On this two-wheeled, volcano bike tour, explore one of the closest volcanoes to Arequipa city.

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